Explorations in Data Science and Health


In 2019, it can seem antiquated to have a blog. A running stream of articles, authored by yourself that to achieve volume needs to cover everything from the mundane to the less mundane. Still if this serves as anything more than simply allowing me to organize my thoughts and to introduce myself to you then it will be well worthwhile.

Starting three years ago, I needed a way to interactively demonstrate an interface with the data warehouse for the product suite I helped to manage. That need led me Jupyter and my first interactions with interactive programming, literally weaving code and data together to tell a story. That got me hooked so much so, I started a company to evangelize that through out healthcare.

Over time, I learned a few tricks developed into what could be termed a data scientist. I had to relearn statistics from the ground up. Learn programming across R, Python, Javascript (limited) and also grew out a focus on helping introduce unexpected data to the people who need it.

If that sounds like something you might like, keep on reading. I will keep them coming.