Explorations in Data Science and Health

Summer Updates

Summer has been a whirlwind and only now starting to settle down. WE spent two weeks in Colombia for a family wedding. It was an amazing trip and Colombia is a destination I would reccomend to anyone. We covered a good bit of the country from the capital, Bogota, to the coast, Cartegna, to the mountains, Armenia.

After returning in mid-July, we moved and even though we techically only moved down the street it was still a nightmare of packing, heat, unpacking and negotiation before everything finally landed in our new home.

As for this project on the blog, I am looking through the git repository and I have four half-written posts about everything from real-estate tax policy (opportunity zones) to pandas method chaining. Algorex Health has been on a period of rapid growth as well something that has been incredible to be a part of.